Everything upside down in the book Jonah.  The servant of God flees the presence of God.  Professional mariners are in panic during storm on sea, while a land-dwelling Hebrew is asleep below deck.  Pagan sailors cry out God and offer sacrifices, while the man of God says nothing Him.  A storm threatens to throw every man overboard and is calmed when one does.  A man is saved from drowning, by being swallowed by fish.  And a book about a prophet and a giant fish ends talking about cows.  

Everything is upside down.  This is because grace is upside down.  

God shows favor to sinners on the basis of what He has done, not on what they done.  God pursues those running from Him.  God draws ill-deserving sinners to Himself.  Wrath deserved by sinners is poured on His Son. Grace turns haters of God into lovers of God.  

Grace upside down, so this little book.  Follow along in our series Jonah: By Grace Alone