" yourselves, like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house..."

1Peter 2:5

LivingStones Discipleship Groups are bi-weekly meetings of men and women for the purpose of advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ through growing in Christlikeness and serving God's purposes for their lives.  We gather in homes and coffee shops to study the Bible, pray for one another, encourage one another, and just hang out.  This is how Christ-forming discipleship happens: one-on-one, around the bible, doing life together in gospel-centered community. 

We offer two types of discipleship groups: deductive and inductive.  Deductive groups focus on topics gathered from across the Bible and expound upon biblical doctrines.  These are great for learning what the Bible teaches on a wide variety of subjects. Inductive groups take sections of scripture, examine them in context, draw implications and applications to our walk with Christ.

You can download the curriculum for both types of groups below.

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LivingStones Deductive

Download Each Unit's Material Below

  • First semester :: "god saves"

    may - august

    The first semester is built around the fundamentals of the gospel.  Topics include: How does God accomplish the salvation of His people? What is the Bible? Who is God?  Who is Jesus Christ?  What is sin?  Why do we need saved?  And more...

    Unit 1  ||  Unit 2  ||  Unit 3 ||  Unit 4 ||  Unit 5  ||  Unit 6

  • second semester :: "God sanctifies"

    september - december

    The second semester is built around how God advances the gospel through His people.  Topics include: following Jesus, sanctification, spiritual disciplines, overcoming temptation, church, giving, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and more.  

    Unit 1  ||  Unit 2  ||  Unit 3  ||  Unit 4  ||  Unit 5  ||  Unit 6

  • third semester :: "God sends"

    january - april

    The third semester is all about the mission of God.  What is God's mission for the church and for His people? In these units, we study evangelism, marriage, work, church membership, making disciples, and more.  

    Unit 1  ||  Unit 2  ||  Unit 3  || Unit 4  ||  Unit 5  ||  Unit 6

LivingStones Inductive

Download the Study Guide Below

Each meeting uses the same Study Guide.   Inductive Groups take a passage of Scripture, seek what it teaches about God, about sin, about Christ and the gospel, and about our mission.  

You can download the study guide below:

LivingStones Inductive Guide