CornerstonePiqua is the first church planting work of Cornerstone Church in Sidney Ohio.

In the Bible, the first church began with prayer.  CornerstonePiqua was no different.  In 2013, the Lord laid a church planting vision on the pastoral team of Cornerstone church in Sidney Ohio.  Led by Pastor Harry Peterson, the leadership began to seek the Lord for an opportunity.  In 2014, they inherited a church facility in Piqua Ohio.

Dozens of faithful and hard-working members of Cornerstone rallied together and renovations began.  Carpet was ripped out, walls were repainted, floors were laid down, and dumpsters were filled.  Six months later, the facility was ready to host a church family.

Pastor Jamie Wellman and his wife, Sara, were appointed to the work.  Joining him, a small band of gospel-loving, risk-taking Christ-followers said goodbye to their home church in Sidney and embarked into the unknown 30 minutes away.  Among them was Brent Phillips who was soon appointed senior elder of the new church.  

CornerstonePiqua met for the first time on April 5th, 2015 with less than 20 people in attendance.  As the gospel was preached, God gave the growth.  The Lord added members from Piqua and across Miami county. 

The Lord has been gracious to allow CornerstonePiqua to support a church planting work of their own.  Partnering with Glenn and Sonya South through Grace Baptist Missions, work has begun to make disciples and plant a church in the country of Turkey!

If you would like to support the advance of the gospel through CornerstonePiqua, there are two ways you can get involved:

1.  Pray for the open doors for the gospel in Piqua and Miami County; 

2. Give your financial support to continue the work, click the link below.